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Rust Seal


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For our paint products, the shelf life of an unopened can is 2 years, so you should be good. It is always a good idea to stir really well. Proper stirring of is very important for the best uniform sheen & finish. Stir paint thoroughly for several minutes to obtain an even mixture. Effective stirring includes repeatedly touching bottom of can & lifting to disperse any settled pigments and/or matting agents. Placing paint can upside down for a short time before opening & stirring will aid with proper mixing. An upside down can also be gently shaken prior to stirring. Avoid violent or excessive shaking motions which produce air bubbles that will adversely affect seal & finish. Do not substitute shaking for stirring. For the best end results, continue to stir often during the course of painting.

Please let us know if that helps and if you have any additional questions.

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