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  1. I know it is best if I get consecutive coats of DiamondFinish Clear on within 8 hours but what happens if that is just not possible? How do I insure that the next coat will adhere to the previous coat?
  2. Where can I get the tape for sealing when preparing to seal a motorcycle tank?
  3. Can DiamondFinish Clear be used over acrylic paint on a canvas?
  4. I have some rust on my truck and I was wondering what type of rust prevention does the Bed Renu have. I know you have Rust Seal which I've used and works great but I want to try only the Bed Renu as I like the textured look. Would Bed Renu offer any rust prevention for me?
  5. Will Diamond Clear stand up to continuous exposure to damp salt salt air? I want to coat stainless steel? Im looking for a clear coat for beach house.
  6. I'm going to use your Rust Converter and there are some areas that will see the sunlight. Will the discolor or fade Rust Converter?
  7. I have 15 gallon fuel tank I'm sealing with your Tank Sealer. Can I take the excess Tank Sealer that I drain out of the tank and put it back into the can and seal it up?
  8. What is the best type of blasting for surface preparation for your products?
  9. Can I paint your Diamond Finish Clear over an oil based paint that has fully cured? If so, how should I prep the surface?
  10. I have an interior wooden table I want to clear coat. What would you recommend I should use, aerosol or brush on?
  11. Can I paint Rust Seal over any type of paint?
  12. How long do you leave Rust Blast in an aluminum gas tank to etch the surface?
  13. I'm using your galvanized steel Rust Seal. It's really thick and I know in the directions it says you can thin up to 10%. What will happen if I thin it more than 10% because I think it will need it?
  14. I have a bunch of small springs for car hoods. I want to paint them with Rust Seal and Black Top but it would be nearly impossible to brush or spray it on. I've dipped a couple of them but It gets a little thick at the bottom once it sits there for a little bit. Do you have any suggestions that could help with the paint running and building up at the bottom?
  15. I'm getting ready to start my project with the KBS Klean, Rust Blast and Rust Seal. I only have one bottle and sprayer. Can I use the same bottle and sprayer for KBS Klean and Rust Blast?
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