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  2. Does Bed Renu Prevent Rust

    I have some rust on my truck and I was wondering what type of rust prevention does the Bed Renu have. I know you have Rust Seal which I've used and works great but I want to try only the Bed Renu as I like the textured look. Would Bed Renu offer any rust prevention for me?
  3. Diamond Clear on Beach House

    DiamondFinish Clear is a moisture cured urethane so it is absolutely ideal for damp salt air. For marine applications, we recommend a bare minimum of 3 thin covering coats. Please check out the DiamondFinish Clear Directions and let us know if you have any additional questions. Thank you so much for contacting KBS Coatings.
  4. Will Diamond Clear stand up to continuous exposure to damp salt salt air? I want to coat stainless steel? Im looking for a clear coat for beach house.
  5. I'm going to use your Rust Converter and there are some areas that will see the sunlight. Will the discolor or fade Rust Converter?
  6. “I restored the rear half of my truck frame using KBS Klean, RustBlast, an Angle Grinder and RustSeal. The products worked well and the finished product looks incredible!” - Justin B
  7. Yes, DiamondFinish Clear can be used over fully cured oil paints and artist oil paints. Let the paints fully cure and as long as the surface has been kept clean, you can apply DiamondFinish Clear in thin, covering coats over the oil based paints. Please check out the DiamondFinish Clear Directions and let us know if you have any additional questions.
  8. Can DiamondFinish Clear be applied over artist oil paint or other oil-based paints?
  9. DiamondFinish Clear SATIN on glass

    Your welcome. If at any time in the future you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  10. DiamondFinish Clear SATIN on glass

    Oh boy... that's going to be a lot of coats of aerosol to equal the 2 minimum recommended coats of the standard liquid! I do want a satin finish but perhaps I should've ordered the gloss and tried to sand down the surface sheen. Anyway, thank you again for your assistance... I will do the best I can with the aerosol.
  11. DiamondFinish Clear SATIN on glass

    You stated that you needed a satin finish, correct? If that is true, you need the aerosol because satin only comes in an aerosol can. Yes, you are correct. It takes 5 coats of the aerosol to equal one coat of the bulk version. As long as you apply thin covering coats according to the directions, you can apply as many coats as you desire. Please let us know if this helps and if you have any additional questions.
  12. DiamondFinish Clear SATIN on glass

    KBS, I see that the liquid version of DiamondFinish is 60% solids, and the aerosol is only 12%. Does this mean that the aerosol version is less durable? Or just that you receive less of it after the solvents evaporate? I already ordered the aerosol, but now I'm wondering if I purchased the wrong product...
  13. DiamondFinish Clear SATIN on glass

    Thanks, KBS. I'm using artist acrylics, typically used to paint canvas and other fine art. They don't really have instructions, but they're also not designed to adhere to glass. I was hoping a sandblasted surface might assist with adhesion. I will order the DiamondFinish Aerosol and give it a try.
  14. DiamondFinish Clear SATIN on glass

    Please post the directions that have come with your acrylic paint so we can determine what your acrylic paint requires for adhesion to sandblasted glass. If you apply the acrylic paint with gloves on your hand and leave the painted surface perfectly clean, you can simply apply the DiamondFinish Clear over the fully cured acrylic paint without cleaning with the KBS Klean because the surface is already clean.
  15. DiamondFinish Clear SATIN on glass

    KBS, I have a few more questions. Do you feel that I would need to prime the sandblasted glass prior to applying acrylics, or would the DiamondFinish adhere well enough without the use of a primer? Also, I see that KBS Klean is recommended for surface prep. Should I clean the glass with this before I use the acrylics? I'm concerned about damaging delicate paintwork by applying KBS Klean afterwards and before the DiamondFinish is applied. I will be handling the glass with gloves as I paint so no finger oils should come into contact with the glass.
  16. DiamondFinish Clear SATIN on glass

    Thank you very much, KBS Coatings. This appears to be a very promising product and I look forward to trying it.
  17. DiamondFinish Clear SATIN on glass

    Yes, DiamondFinish Clear does not yellow and is absolutely scratch resistant when multiple thin coats are applied. As long as your acrylic paint is cured fully, DiamondFInish Clear will adhere excellent to your fully cured acrylic paint. Please check out the DiamondFinish Clear Directions and let us know if you have any additional questions.
  18. I would like to use DiamondFinish Clear Satin on sandblasted glass sculpture. I will be painting the sculptures with acrylics first, and need a very durable clear coat to protect the paintwork. As far as I can tell, this product does not yellow and is scratch-resistant, correct? What kind of adhesion can I expect over very thin layers of acrylic paint on glass?
  19. Reusing Tank Sealer

    No, please do not try to re-use drained out Tank Sealer. Drained Sealer cannot be saved & re-used as it has been exposed to atmospheric conditions and will cure & harden in the can. (WARNING: Do not put lid on can before curing is complete as pressure may build within can and pop lid. Dispose of any hardened Sealer properly in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations.) Please let us know if that helps and if you have any additional questions.
  20. Reusing Tank Sealer

    I have 15 gallon fuel tank I'm sealing with your Tank Sealer. Can I take the excess Tank Sealer that I drain out of the tank and put it back into the can and seal it up?
  21. thickness

    The dry film thickness of each coat should be 2-3 mils. We always recommend at least 2 coats but you can apply as many coats as you desire as long as you give enough time between coats. Please let us know if that helps and if you have any additional questions.
  22. Different Types of Blasting for Preparation

    As a general rule, you always blast with a fresh, clean coarse material. Please let us know if that helps and if you have any additional questions.
  23. What is the best type of blasting for surface preparation for your products?
  24. “1976 Honda trail 70 I restored using all KBS products. KBS Strip, RustBlast, Black & Crazy Plum MAXX paint & DiamondFinish Clear ... All products worked just like they said they would. MAXX & Clear sprayed perfect with high gloss an no runs ... As a matter of fact I couldn't make it run!!! All dried supper hard! Then used KBS UnderCoat inside frame. On motor cases I used the silver Motor Coater & topped it with the DiamondFinish Clear. I tell all my friends about how good KBS Products are!” -Robert T.
  25. “Leaky windshield removed to reveal rusty channel. Cleaned with wire brush and then followed directions as described. Channel looks great and ready for glass!” -Jason A. Be sure to check out the System Sampler and BlackTop.
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