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  1. Keep the pick up tube and the space below the pick-up tube open by using pipe cleaners that you can find at your local hobby supply store. Put the pipe cleaners in the tube and deep enough that it keeps the space open between the pick-up tube and the tank. Keep the pipe cleaners in there until the Tank Sealer has stopped moving inside the tank but before the Tank Sealer has fully cured in the tank. Does that make sense? Please let us know if that helps and if you have any additional questions.
  2. At this point, sand smooth. 1000 grit should do the trick. Apply another coat of DiamondFinish Clear thinned 10-20% with KBS #1 Thinner or Xylene. Please be sure the coat is thin. Please report back with how well that works for you.
  3. How long did you wait before your first coat of DiamondFInish Clear? How long did you wait before your second coat of DiamondFinish Clear? What is the temperature in the room where you are doing the coating? What is the relative humidity of the room where you are doing the coating?
  4. Your best bet at this point is to be another quart of RustBlast and start the process over. You need to clean the tank before you etch the tank. Please let us know if that helps and if you have any additional questions.
  5. If you post some pictures, that would be very helpful. Some tips: Micro-bubbles are from excess film thickness or not enough time between coats. Apply thin coats and allow enough time between coats. Get the pressure up. If you feel like your gun is not atomizing the paints well, get the pressure up. Always measure the pressure at the gun and be sure to use a moisture trap at the gun. You can thin up to 30% which allows more time for flow out. We are looking forward to hearing more from you and hopefully some pictures.
  6. The picture looks like white zinc phosphate (left behind by RustBlast by design) mixed with some slight surface rust (to be expected unless your relative humidity is 0) which is completely normal. You can proceed to the Tank Sealer Step. Please let us know if that answered your questions and if you have any additional questions.
  7. We have customers add pigments to DiamondFinish Clear all of the time. Please be sure the pigment you select is 100% dry and urethane grade. Always mix only what is needed as the pot life might be diminished. Please let us know if that helps and if you have any additional questions.
  8. It does sound like the Motor Coater was applied thick in spots. You can force the remaining solvents (full cure) out by heat cycling. Heat up the block and then let the block cool naturally to room temperature. Do this 5-10 times and you will fully cure the Motor Coater. Please let us know if that helps and if you have any additional questions.
  9. DiamondFinish Clear is a moisture cured urethane which utilizes an advanced resin technology and in some ways behaves opposite of traditional solvent based paints and latex paints. If you want to speed up the cure of DiamondFinish Clear you will want to add humidity to the room where the surface coated with DiamondFinish Clear is curing. The curing temperature of the room should be between 55-82F and is fastest between 70-80F. The curing relative humidity of the room should be between 30-85% and the closer to 85%, the faster the cure for DiamondFinish Clear. We commonly get questio
  10. Yes, that is what it sounds like. If the surface is coated and solid, the rust spots are surely coming from somewhere else.
  11. Please take a wire coat hanger or something similar and unfold it and then poke those areas. When you poke, do you feel the tank or a coating? You do have a very coarse surface on the inside of your tank so it may need another coat of Tank Sealer to cover all of those peaks and valleys but we will know more once you poke those areas. We are looking forward to your reply.
  12. Please post some pictures. The entire inside of the tank should be 100% coated with Tank Sealer which will prevent so you might have rust staining over the coating. The other option is that the inside of the tank was so coarse that the Tank Sealer could not properly coat all of the peaks and valleys. Once we see the pictures, we will be able to tell and provide you some feedback on how to proceed.
  13. Yes, absolutely. Get the seal coat (thinned) down and then at least 2 normal coats and you will be good for at least a few years and most likely 5-10 years.
  14. A very common application for DiamondFinish Clear is clear coating wood decks that have been stained so we are not sure about the whole "eating wood" theory as we have never heard of that. The reason people seal wood with DiamondFinish Clear is to stop the wood from rotting which is what happens when moisture penetrates wood on a consistent basis. DiamondFinish Clear is typically used for decks and outdoor wood but KBS MAXX Clear can also be used. Just be sure you thin the first coat so it soaks in like we instructed you to do with the DiamondFinish Clear. Hopefully tha
  15. Is the wood already sealed? Wood surfaces should be smooth and dry with the wood having a low moisture content. All existing failed coatings should be removed, sand smooth and remove dust. Thin initial coat of DiamondFinish Clear 30-50% with KBS #1 Thinner and apply a single covering coat to seal the wood. Allow to cure 24 hours. The wood will generally need to be sanded smooth again as DiamondFinish Clear will tend to raise the wood grain with the first coat. Sand the surface smooth with fine grade of sand paper (280-320). Apply at least an additional full coat for general applica
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