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  1. KBS Coatings

    New Factory Five Kit Car

    For the interior cavities, Cavity Coater is the 100% perfect solution. Grab a few aerosol cans and the Cavity Wand and you should be able to coat all of the interior cavity surfaces. Cavity Coater is very easy to apply and seals up the interior cavity surfaces so they will not rust. Please be sure to carefully review the Cavity Coater Directions before you start your project. For the outside parts of the chassis, clean with KBS Klean, etch well with RustBlast and then seal up with RustSeal which is a rust preventative coating that goes on super smooth and is very durable. RustSeal can be applied by brush or spray. If brushed, the brush marks flow out nicely leaving you a finish that looks like powder coating. Please be sure to carefully review the RustSeal Directions before you start your project.
  2. KBS Coatings

    not curing

    This is very common when working indoors in the winter with a heater running (killing all humidity). The best way to get RustSeal to cure quicker is to get the humidity on the room up. Most customers use a humidifier to accomplish this. If that is not an option, many customers wet their floor (if possible), wet rags and spread them throughout the room or even wet cardboard and put it throughout the room. Once you get the humidity up you will notice that the RustSeal will cure much quicker. Please let us know if that helps and if you have any additional questions.
  3. KBS Coatings

    TeeTop Finish

    For unfinished aluminum, clean well with KBS Klean, dust a coat of KBS Fusion on and then apply KBS Top Coater.
  4. KBS Coatings

    TeeTop Finish

    Thanks for the pictures! That really helps us see what you see. KBS Top Coater would be absolutely ideal. Clean all surfaces really well with KBS Klean. Then apply KBS Top Coater in thin, covering coats. For marine applications like this, apply at least 3 coats. KBS Top Coater also does comes in all of the colors you suggested. Please let us know if that helps you out and if you have any additional questions.
  5. KBS Coatings

    TeeTop Finish

    So, you are looking for a clear coat for aluminum, correct?
  6. “My 1963 E100 pickup was from the air force so the tank had a drain plug & the holes were mostly on the top. Followed instructions, easy!” -Jeff B Grab the Auto Fuel Tank Sealer Kit Today!
  7. “Here Pics of my 461 pontiac stroker going in my 65 GTO. I prepped with wire brush & KBS Klean then XTC Primer then Motor Coater. The exhaust manifolds were sand blasted & primed with XTC Primer & coated with XTC. So far looks great, thanks for all the Help!” -Randy R.
  8. KBS Coatings

    Coating Diamond Plate Steel

    Yes, spraying RustSeal with an HVLP Gun for irregular surfaces like diamondplate would be ideal. It will lay out best that way. Spray pressure of 35-45 psi (250-330kpa) for siphon/pot guns and 25-35psi (170-250kpa) for gravity/top container guns. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend a 1.4-1.5 tip size. Thinning is not generally required but if needed 5%-10% is normally adequate. Use KBS #1 Thinner only which is a slow evaporating solvent. Do not reduce RustSeal with lacquer thinner. Also remember to clean your spray gun immediately after using RustSeal. Please let us know if that helps and if you have any additional questions.
  9. KBS Coatings

    Coating Diamond Plate Steel

    Thanks for the reply. RustSeal is designed to be apply very thin. If you apply RustSeal thin, it might fall off of the edges on the first coat but the second and subsequent coats will cover well. Are you using Fusion Self-Etch Primer or another primer?
  10. KBS Coatings

    Coating Diamond Plate Steel

    How did you prep the tread plate before applying RustSeal? Please let us know so we can assist you further.
  11. Frame Coater Kit: https://www.kbs-coatings.com/frame-coater-kit.html
  12. “Always ran White Traditional Headers on my Hot Rods,and XTC is far superior then anything I have ever used and works just as advertised!”-Bob M. Get XTC Today: https://www.kbs-coatings.com/XTC.html
  13. KBS Top Coater is a superior coating formulated to be brushed, rolled or sprayed offering maximum coverage and professional looking results. KBS Top Coater is an ideal top coat paint for RustSeal when the area will be consistently exposed to sunlight. KBS Top Coater is a very high solids paint that does not run or sag, and gives at least twice the coverage of conventional paints.
  14. “True testament to KBS Coatings, from break-in to 3 years later, no change in color on my lake pipes on this hemi!” -Brad A XTC: https://www.kbs-coatings.com/XTC.html XTC Primer: https://www.kbs-coatings.com/XTC-Primer.html
  15. “I used KBS Paint Stripper to remove many layers of old undercoating from the wheel wells on my 69 Mustang. It worked extremely well. I sprayed it on once and let is work and it just fell off easily with a scraper. I sprayed it on a 2nd time to do a final cleanup then finished off the wells with a sanding disk the followed up with KBS Klean.” -Stacey
  16. "Want to give a shout out to KBS Coatings on their 3 step under coating paint - RustSeal. I was able to do this after their KBS Klean and RustBlast products." -Pat C.
  17. "Using KBS Klean, RustBlast & RustSeal and BlackTop made this trailer restoration job much easier and virtually less time consuming verses the traditional practice of grinding rust, priming and spray painting. As reflected in the pictures, KBS will exceed your expectations." -Randy P.
  18. “1987 Chevy R10. Used RustSeal on underside of cab and applied KBS UnderCoat Rubberized as a top coat.” - Jeff R. RustSeal: https://www.kbs-coatings.com/RustSeal.html KBS UnderCoat: https://www.kbs-coatings.com/UnderCoat-Solvent-Rubberized.html
  19. KBS Coatings

    Oil Run off?

    We have tested the KBS UnderCoat extensively and the coatings did not show signs of softening or degradation due to temperature or humidity and no signs of runoff. Please let us know if that helps and if you have any additional questions.
  20. “This stuff is just amazing. Honestly. I am preparing my racecar for the upcoming Time Attack season and wanted to tidy things up for those impromptu photo shoots at the track. All I can say is well done. Stuff is tough and just looks killer. More folks should know about this stuff.” - Chance C. https://www.kbs-coatings.com/DiamondFinish-Clear-Aerosol.html
  21. KBS Coatings

    Rust coming through Rust Seal coat

    Sounds good. We are looking forward to seeing them.
  22. KBS Coatings

    Rust coming through Rust Seal coat

    It is important to know that Tank Sealer does not stick well to cured Tank Sealer without some help. With that in mind, here is what you can do to put a second coat of Tank Sealer in your tank. 1) Clean the inside of the tank extremely well with KBS Klean to get rid of all fuel residue. The sealed tank needs to be very clean. Let the tank dry out 100%. 2) Pour some Fusion Self-Etch Primer in the tank. Roll around so all sides have a nice thin coat and drain out the excess. (Fusion is designed to go on as a dust coat so thin is perfect). 3) Let the tank sit overnight so the Fusion Self-Etch Primer has proper time to cure. 4) Pour another can of Tank Sealer in the tank. Rotate the tank slowly and get all sides coated evenly and then drain out the excess. Be careful to not let the Tank Sealer puddle. 5) Let the tank cure for at least 4 days before putting it back in service. Please let us know if that helps and if you have any additional questions.
  23. KBS Coatings

    Rust coming through Rust Seal coat

    RustSeal is typically used on the outside of a tank and Tank Sealer is used on the inside. Just for clarification and so we can give you the best advice, did you coat the outside of the inside of the tank?
  24. This entire engine compartment was coated with KBS Coatings. RustSeal and BlackTop on the firewall and frame components. Motor Coater was used on the engine. Professional Results at a DIY Price.
  25. KBS Coatings


    Your very welcome. Please reach out if you have any additional questions.