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I am re-doing a pair of motorcycle mufflers that have some form of very hard, hi-temp factory coating that has lasted 18 years. Rather than strip them completely, I plan to rough the surface up (60-80 grit) and spray over it, since the original coating (whatever it is) has very strong adhesion. Here's my question: I am going to prime with the zinc XTC primer, then coat over that with XTC black, and then XTC clear over the black. Do I risk a too-thick coating that might peel or flake? Single coat of each, or is there the flexibility for 2 coats of each? Thank you very much. 

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Yes, scuff the surface and then clean well with KBS Klean. Then apply XTC Primer and XTC in thin coats. You can absolutely apply 1-2 coats of each (XTC Primer, XTC Jet Black and XTC Clear).

Please be sure to read carefully the XTC Primer Directions and the XTC Directions.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Thank you very much! I will bear in mind that the zinc primer is a high-temp coating by itself. For anyone reading, this is a pair of Cobra F1 slip-on mufflers that have been on the bike since 2000. They are a steel "mid-pipe/baffle assembly" with an alloy canister riveted over the back half. Other than the internal fiberglass needing a re-pack, I found them in great shape internally, with only surface rust. I wire-wheeled and used RustBlast on the steel baffles and they look great. The Xtreme zinc primer will help them last another 18 years, I'm sure. 

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So, my aerosol technique might not be the best. Ended up with a lot of orange peel (probably laid it on too thick). Oven cured it, as that seems to smooth it out just a bit. Had some Meguire's "fine cut" #2 cleaner and tried it on the proverbial "inconspicuous" area. Smoothed it right out. Finished it with a coat of Meguire's NXT Tech Wax and it is glossy, smooth and rock hard.  Now looks like the powdercoat it is replacing. Pretty amazing stuff.

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