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    po18guy got a reaction from KBS Coatings in Repairing damage to XTC paint.   
    Thank you very much! Will do.
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    po18guy got a reaction from KBS Coatings in Primer>Color>clear?   
    Thank you very much! I will bear in mind that the zinc primer is a high-temp coating by itself. For anyone reading, this is a pair of Cobra F1 slip-on mufflers that have been on the bike since 2000. They are a steel "mid-pipe/baffle assembly" with an alloy canister riveted over the back half. Other than the internal fiberglass needing a re-pack, I found them in great shape internally, with only surface rust. I wire-wheeled and used RustBlast on the steel baffles and they look great. The Xtreme zinc primer will help them last another 18 years, I'm sure. 
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