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XTC Aerosol Cans Spitting Everywhere

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Finally opened up my XTC Primer and followed directions to shake it up and apply. paint was spitting all over the place. Had to wipe off the manifold once to clean the spit/ splatter off.  tried shaking up the can some more and still the same.  Cleaned nozzle no change.

Tried the XTC Paint and it does the same thing ??

Am I missing something or doing something wrong ?!?

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That is absolutely not the way the aerosol cans should spray. Please take all tips off of the aerosol cans very carefully. Please them in a glass container soaking them in solvent/paint thinner overnight. In the morning, clean the tips really well with an unfolded paper clip. Please the tips back on the cans carefully pushing them in to the can with the spray top point away from you. Shake the aerosol cans for several minutes and then try to spray again. Please report back the results. Thanks!

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OK, that seemed to do it...

I soaked them for 24 hours in some Paint Thinner, then cleaned the larger port with a paper clip and the smaller spray port with a fine wire.  then blew it out with low pressure air, then tried to spray again... NIGHT & DAY !!

I am going to post some pictures of my project in the Customer Photos, Feedback, and Success Stories.

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