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  1. ok, yes once it was rinsed i used my blower to blow it out and dry it quickly. is minimal flash rust assume it is ok to continue on and coat ?
  2. great, I did step one then step two, when doing step 2 about 95 of the surface was metal and very little sections of rust. looked very good, as soon as i rinsed it started to flash rust all over there was no lag time i was flashing before i could even start to dry it ? is this normal or how to i prevent or stop the flash rust ??
  3. good point, i live in a higher humidity climate and close to the coast less than an hour. always skeptical on tank sealers/liners heard nothing but bad stories and issue with separation and such. I am not a pro but pretty handy and would have to seal all threads and ports as not to get them coated or plugged up.
  4. Cleaning and Rusty gas tank in a 1930 Chevrolet. I have used other KBS Products on my restoration so looking here first for a solution. plan to remove the tank, clean it out with KBS Clean and then use the Rust Blast to clean and remove the rust inside. then rinse with water as always. question is can i then use the tank as is with OUT a coating/liner ?? not really keen on using a liner in a gas tank. my concern is flash rust or rust returning in general ?? not sure if the zinc phosphate coating would be a good protector with the gasoline/ethanol blends. open to options
  5. OK, that seemed to do it... I soaked them for 24 hours in some Paint Thinner, then cleaned the larger port with a paper clip and the smaller spray port with a fine wire. then blew it out with low pressure air, then tried to spray again... NIGHT & DAY !! I am going to post some pictures of my project in the Customer Photos, Feedback, and Success Stories.
  6. Finally opened up my XTC Primer and followed directions to shake it up and apply. paint was spitting all over the place. Had to wipe off the manifold once to clean the spit/ splatter off. tried shaking up the can some more and still the same. Cleaned nozzle no change. Tried the XTC Paint and it does the same thing ?? Am I missing something or doing something wrong ?!?
  7. I am using the aerosol for both Primer & Top Coat Should I be concerned with the Primer & Top Coat on open fire grill ?? or no ?? flaming up and catching fire, and should i use an aluminum tray to sit it on or ??
  8. getting ready to Paint a 6 Cylinder Inline Exhaust Header for my 1929 I plan on Blasting the Manifold, KBS Clean the manifold, then 2 Coats of XTC Primer, 2 Coats of XTC Jet Black over the primer. My understanding is to prime, wait 30 minutes, prime, wait 30 minutes, paint, wait 30 minutes, paint. Doing each in a thin even coat over the entire exterior surface. How long after the last coat of XTC should I wait before heat curing ?? and can i do this on my standard gas grill or must be done in the oven ? My home oven is GAS. How long can I WAIT before i have to cure, can it sit for a few days, weeks, months before Heat Curing ??
  9. ok bought them in December 2014 never open, never touched The above Shelf life apply to the Primer as well ?? one is dated on the can 01/2014 other is 07/2014
  10. that also good for the Aerosol ?? and is that from date Stamped on the Can Bottom ?? which i assume is the production date it was canned ??
  11. What is the shelf life for a can of never used XTC Spray bought it but plans got put off, now ready to use it, but not sure IF it is any good still ?? Approx 1 year old
  12. In the same realm, doing a set of OLD Exhaust manifold for an Antique. should i do XTC Primer than XTC Paint or just do XTC Paint ?? and how many coats of each is best ?!? going to do Jet Black or Cast Iron
  13. wondering what the shelf life is for UNOPENED KBS Strip, have a quart on my shelf in climate control. approx 1 year old or so, can i still use it or toss it and start over with a new bottle ??
  14. Bought some XTC in the 12oz Aerosol Can to do my headers on my Antique, been just over a year now, problem was things came up and never used it !! wonder what the shelf life it, as i am starting to prep the manifold for painting. can I use it or should i buy more ?
  15. Got a few spare 19" Steel Rims that I got when I acquired my 1929 Antique Car. They have surface rust on them, I wire brushed them to remove most of the rust. I want to use RustBlast to seal and deal the rust left. Should I use KBS Klean first then Air Dry them out, then Apply the RustBlast. I am ONLY going to Prime them for now with a good Primer. Or what Steps should I take before I prime to ensure they are clean, rust is taken care of and will take the Primer and NOT Rust through or Primer Peal/ Flake off ?!?
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