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rust seal runs and dust


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Stayed up till 3am (waited for kids to be in bed) to spray for my first time ever. I sprayed a cab with 2 coats of rust seal and noticed some runs and dust in the finish this morning. I know rust seal is not a finish coat, but I want to eliminate the flaws before I spray a top.

1.How long should I wait before I sand out the imperfections?

2.Would 400 grit work well enough?

3.After sanding the rustseal smooth, do I have to reapply another coat of rust seal or can I just continue with the top coat.


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Yep. I actually had to start using 320 grit, because like you said the 400 was taking too long.

I noticed as I am sanding the rust seal smooth, there are "freckles" here and there. The freckles are small shallow dimples in the paint, perhaps from my inexperience in spraying. You can see them because they are concave and they remain black while the sanded areas turn grey.

Does the fusion self etch primer, my next coat to lay down, act like a filler as well to hide these small imperfections or should I spray another coat of rustseal first?


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