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Garage Floor


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My situation is the garage floor was poured about twenty years ago. I have never seen any evidence of mineral salts or water coming up through the surface. About fifteen years ago I etched the concrete with Muriatic acid and painted it was “garage floor paint†I bought at Sears. The paint has never flaked or chipped. It has worn off where the cars drive on it.

I want a new finish that will be durable, easy to clean, isn’t slippery to walk on and, if I could have my way, shiny too.

So, using your product line what is the BEST way to accomplish this? AquaKlean, then Fusion Prep followed by two coats of Rust Seal? How slippery is this going to be? In a garage do I need a UV proof coating on top? If I used Gray Rust Seal for the bottom coat and Clear Rust Seal for the top coat would it be shiny? Other than color is there any reason why I should want to put another product over the top of Rust Seal?

Sorry, about having so many questions. But this is a big job (800 sq ft in the car garage and another 300 sq ft in the motorcycle garage) and I don’t want to start until I know what I am doing.

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You are absolutely on the right track. Clean it thoroughly with KBS Klean, then use a sanding board on a stick (like the ones you use for sheet rock) with course paper or pad.

Once you get it roughed up well, you can paint it straight with the grey RustSeal. You could use the Fusion – a single light coat – but it may not be necessary. You could try getting a small amount of RustSeal and testing it as your old coating is a huge unknown. You will then know if you will need the Fusion.

I would just stick to two coats of grey RustSeal. The grey RustSeal produces a really nice glossy finish.

You could topcoat the RustSeal if you wanted. Most people do not for an interior application such as your garage floor. The area that would discolor are the areas where lots of sunlight would hit it.

As for ordering … you will need 6 gallons of RustSeal, 3-4 gallons of KBS Klean, and 2 gallons of Fusion (should you decide to use it).

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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