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Pilot jets consistantly clogging after sealing tank


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I lined the fuel tank on a Yamaha twin with the KBS tank sealing kit a while back taking special care to adhere to the liner kit instructions. About every week or week and a half of light use, the bike will begin to have idle issues, and upon inspecting the carburetors, the pilot jets will be found clogged. The petcocks, fuel lines, inline fuel filters, and air filters are all brand new, as are the carburetors themselves. I thought it might be an issue with fuel, so I drained the tank and refilled from a different station. A week later, I experienced the same result.


Is this a known or possible side effect of the tank sealant kit?

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Please reply with a picture of what is clogging the pilot jets.


If the directions were followed and if the Tank Sealer was not allowed to puddle and did not get too thick (which prevents a full cure), Tank Sealer is impervious to all modern day fuels and the Tank Sealer would not be clogging the pilot jets.


We are looking forward to hearing back from you.

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The issue occurred again yesterday. After it sat about 2 weeks, I ran it and it idled poorly and would die when increasing throttle unless the enrichment circuits were engaged. I removed the pilot jets (35) and as before, they didn't appear clear when viewed in front of a light. What's strange is I ran a thin metal wire through the jets, and didn't feel any resistance. It didn't feel like there was anything physically blocking the jet. Lightly blowing air through the jet cleared whatever was in them, and as before, the bike idled great without the enrichment circuits engaged.


When I applied the liner back in March, I rolled the tank and emptied extra liner product per the instructions, and haven't noticed any obvious problems like peeling or bubbling when examining with a flashlight.


I use a fuel with ethanol in it, and some reading suggests that could be a contributor. Just trying to rule items out and I'm curious if this is something possibly caused by the sealant. Wasn't able to get a great image, but here's what each jet looked like before being cleared. Thanks for taking time!


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If the Tank Sealer is fully cured, modern day fuels will not touch it meaning it will not release anything that would clog your fuel system. We sell thousands of Tank Sealer Kits a week so we can speak to that from testing and 15 years of experience with our customers.


Yes, ethanol causes problem. It is probably best to try running no ethanol fuel and see what happens.


Wish we could be of more help.

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