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Maximising adhesion when partially treating a steel diesel tank

William Barnes

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When treating a large steel diesel tank, such as in a boat, all the rust is at the bottom when water will lie.

It is impossible to treat the interior of such a tank with 100% confidence of no gaps, when working through an access hole.

What surface preparation will maximise adhesion between a partial coat of tank-sealer and diesel?

Will sand-blasting, and/or using salt-water (to create a fine layer of fresh rust for good grip) help?


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For your specific application, sandblasting the interior tank surfaces to be coated through the access hole would absolutely ideal surface preparation before the application of the Tank Sealer.


When brushing on Tank Sealer, you will brush on a thin covering coats, wait 12 hours (because air flow is minimal on the inside of a tank), and then apply another coat of Tank Sealer. You will want to apply a minimum of two coats of Tank Sealer.


Please let us know if that helps and if you have any additional questions.

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