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Diamond Coat Aerosol over Epoxy


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Hey, so I'm making rings out of wood and various other materials and I'm using a jewelry grade epoxy to seal them and then trying to use Diamond Finish aerosol for a top coat. I have been doing about 3 coats, very thin, and letting each cure for an hour + between coats until it's dry to the touch. I've then let them sit for 48+ hours but the finish is still kind of soft and gummy. The first one I made has been done for 2 weeks and it's still soft. Any ideas?


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Will do!


Thank you for the timely replies and awesome customer service! I've been wanting to get this product to work for a long time and have just recently had the time to test it. So I hope I can make it work! 


Would letting it cure in a higher temp help the process?

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