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Spraying Diamond Finish gloss


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I’m trying to spray DF and I’m using the recommended air pressure and top size, and I thinned about 15%, but I’m not getting a uniform film. It does not seem to atomizer small enough and looks like it lays on like tiny globes that almost give a fine sand like texture. This is not flowing out and self leveling like the literature says it will. I’m sorry if this is a rookie question, but what am I doing wrong. 

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If you post some pictures, that would be very helpful.


Some tips:

Micro-bubbles are from excess film thickness or not enough time between coats. Apply thin coats and allow enough time between coats.


Get the pressure up. If you feel like your gun is not atomizing the paints well, get the pressure up. Always measure the pressure at the gun and be sure to use a moisture trap at the gun.


You can thin up to 30% which allows more time for flow out.


We are looking forward to hearing more from you and hopefully some pictures.

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