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XTC over VHT & curing question

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I've just had my T-bucket headers sandblasted and then used VHT flameproof primer, black and clear. They looked OK until I went through the cure process  where the color faded and went quite matt. I've only just become aware of the XTC product. Can I apply XTC over the VHT with just a bit of scuffing ?

While the headers near the engine get nice and hot, the sidepipes don't. Does the paint cure fully over time and does that have any implications for the situation above ?




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Yes, you can apply XTC over another cured coating provided the coated surface has been slightly scuffed and then cleaned with KBS Klean.

As for the side pipes, after proper dry time, XTC will be dry to the touch and can be handled using care, but the XTC resins will not reach full hardness until heated to approx. 350° F (176° C). For headers or manifolds, this can be done in an oven, BBQ, or by mounting back on engine and run to normal operating temperature.

NOTE: Coating can emit potentially harmful vapors during the first few heat/cool cycles. Allow for full and proper ventilation during initial heat curing. Avoid excessive heat during this initial "break-in" period, as the XTC resins need to be tempered into the substrate to provide proper adhesion.

Please let us know if that helps and if you have any additional questions.

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