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New Factory Five Kit Car


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I bought a factory five kit car that was produced in 2011 but never built.  Has some flaking of paint (very minor) around some of the welded joints.  I have the chassis stripped of all driving components.  The next step is to rivet sheet metal over all of the tubular frame.  Not sure of the make up of the metal (some appear to be aluminum and others just plain ole sheet metal).  I would like to cover the frame and sheet metal with some kind of protective coating.  Both the top and bottom (interior side and road side).  

1.  What products would you recommend?

2.  What prepping should be done of the frame and sheet metal?

3.  Is paint applied by brush or spray?


Thank you, David

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For the interior cavities, Cavity Coater is the 100% perfect solution. Grab a few aerosol cans and the Cavity Wand and you should be able to coat all of the interior cavity surfaces. Cavity Coater is very easy to apply and seals up the interior cavity surfaces so they will not rust.

Please be sure to carefully review the Cavity Coater Directions before you start your project.

For the outside parts of the chassis, clean with KBS Klean, etch well with RustBlast and then seal up with RustSeal which is a rust preventative coating that goes on super smooth and is very durable.

RustSeal can be applied by brush or spray. If brushed, the brush marks flow out nicely leaving you a finish that looks like powder coating.

Please be sure to carefully review the RustSeal Directions before you start your project.

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