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Motorcycle sealer and threads


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Its probably been answered in some form but I am still concerned. I have petcock screws and fuel sensor screws that run into the tank. I am afraid if I coat the female threads with a wax that while mixing the seal around in the tank it will pick up some of the wax and interfere with adhesion not only on the threads but possibly affect the overall application. I thought about buying short screws and threading them into the holes and moving the sealer about in the tank but I may not be able to remove the screws once cured.

Since my final step from everything I have seen and read will be turning the tank belly side up to let the excess sealer drain out I figured I could just go in and clean up the threads with a Qtip but the product looks kind of thick and I am worried that when i run my screws in it will crack or break off part of the new coating around the screw hole.I am probably overthinking this but .. its a fairly pricey undertaking and a weekends worth of work so I don't want to screw up. What is the absolute best way to handle the threads knowing the screws are long and go fully into the tank.

Thank you for any help

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That is a great question. Most customers take pipe cleaners and put them in the screw holes to keep the open during the Tank Sealer Step. Then during the Tank Sealer draining process, you simply pull the pipe cleaners out leaving the screw holes ready for the petcock screws and fuel sensor screws once the Tank Sealer has cured.

The other options is to buy the short screws like you describe and remember to remove them at the start of the Tank Sealer draining process.

Please check out the Tank Sealer Directions and let us know if you have any additional questions.

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Turns out I had to drain the excess through my petcock opening sinceĀ  I have a fairly deep neck at the tank lid. I cleaned the threads with q tips and had them plugged but of course when I checked the next morning some of the sealent had leaked into one of the petcock screw holes. Would it be safe to run a tap through the tank seal at the screw hole and just vacum from the inside of the screw hole.

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