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how to handle vent and return tubes inside the tank?


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The gas tank for my 260Z has a steel vent tube that protrudes about 8 inches into the gas tank. There is also a gasoline return tube that goes diagonally through the tank, top to bottom and front to back.  There is also a vertical baffle.

For the cleaner and rust blast applications, I combined slow rotation with vigorous shaking to try and hit all surfaces. 

If I do this with the sealer, it would cause bubbles and likely be a disaster. So, how to I:

  • coat the outside of these tubes?
  • coat the inside of the tubes?
  • coat the baffle?
  • and not ruin the coating on the top, bottom, and sides while trying to get complete coverage?
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All tanks are different, so you might have to get creative and be very patient.

Brush the outside of the tubes with Tank Sealer.

Coat the inside of the tubes with pipe cleaners.

Rolling the tank around very slowly and extremely carefully should allow you to coat the baffles.

Just make sure you drain out the excess Tank Sealer and also rotate the tank around as much as you can to keep any one area of your tank from Tank Sealer puddling there.

Please let us know if that helps and if you have any additional questions.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

I was thinking along those lines. But, I saw s warning that the coating does not stick to itself very well. I was concerned about where the coating will overlap where the tubes meet with the flat surfaces. 

So, I do not need to worry about the coating overlapping?

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