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DiamondFinish on titanium


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I am interested in coating a bike frame made out of titanium with DiamondFinish. The surface has no paint or anything on it, just bare titanium.

1. Do I need to lightly sand the surface to prep it first? if so, what grit? 

2. Since the surface has nothing on it, is the KBS Klean necessary? 

3. Does lightly sanding between coats help with bonding strength? or I can skip the sanding?



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DiamondFinish Clear is ideal for titanium surfaces. Yes, scuff the surface lightly and then clean with KBS Klean to get rid of all sanding residue and finger oils. There is no reason to sand between coats of DiamondFinish Clear. If you apply your next coat during the finger drag stage (gloved finger still drags but does not pull paint on to the glove), the coats of DiamondFInish Clear will bond and fuse together.

Please feel free to review the DiamondFinish Clear Directions and let us know if you have any additional questions.

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