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I'm very happy with the results, using Diamond Clear on a couple of custom signs. I have always tried to do top quality work, but clear coats have failed many times in the past. Yours has worked great so far.

The only concern I have is with storage of the unused portion of the quart. Can this be done? My first quart hardened solid in a couple months, despite the lid being on tightly. I had used about half of it. I don't use a lot, and not too often. But I will definitely consider becoming a long-term customer.

Most other solvent-based enamels, I can 'drizzle' a thin layer of thinner over the top of the paint, and it will stay liquid. Can I do that with the Diamond Clear, or is there another way, or............?       Thank you.

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Thank you so much for your kind words and feedback on DiamondFinish Clear. We sincerely appreciate hearing from you.

One of the best methods for storing unused DiamondFinish Clear in the can is doing the solvent drizzle you suggested.

It is really important to never paint out of the can. After you pour out a working amount of DiamondFinish Clear, drizzle a little KBS #1 Thinner (to provide a thin layer over the DiamondFinish Clear), then seal up the can with some plastic between the can and the lid. When you go back to the can, simply mix in the layer of KBS #1 Thinner and repeat the process.

Please let us know if that helps and if you have any additional questions.

Thanks for choosing KBS Coatings!

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