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KBS MAXX Clear and DiamondFinish Clear are both extremely durable and chemical resistant. Please tell us more about your application and we possibly make some suggestions if there would be a preferred product to use.

In the meantime, please check out the KBS MAXX Clear Directions and the DiamondFinish Clear Directions.

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Hi, sorry I was not clear,, no pun intended,,, OK,,, a little intended,,,, when I said chemicals I meant all harsh chemicals a car might encounter,, acids, solvents, carb and brake cleaner, brake fluid,,, paint thinner, acetone,,when fully cured witch of you clears will withstand them with the least ,lifting, dissolving breaking down.??.

.witch is the most heat resistant?

witch is going to hold up best to rock chipping and abrasion wear and tear and abuse,,,

please no offense intended but i feel my first attempt at this question was to the point,

 and your answer was evasive in attempt to not slight one product over the other,

I get it,,,,and appreciate your position..... but I need reliable results...

I love your products,, and have used the Diamond clear,, many times,,, great durable stuff..What is your stated advantage to the new Maxx clears,,,,? ease of application??

 Thanks ,, and once again,, I love your products,, huge fan,, and I have used P@^15 and Rust Bullet,, I am a car restorer. with over 35 years experience , and about 11 using moisture cure urethanes.

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Both KBS MAXX Clear and DiamondFinish Clear can easily handle the chemicals that a car might encounter.

KBS MAXX Clear is good up to 400F. DiamondFinish Clear is good up to 325F.

KBS MAXX Clear is a 2K designed to be sprayed. KBS MAXX Clear comes in Gloss, Satin, and Flat.

DiamondFinish Clear is a single component that comes in gloss and can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed.

Both of the clear coats are great coatings and the one to use depends on if you want to spray and what gloss level you desire.

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