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Time between steps


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I am in the process of coating a late 70's truck frame. I blasted the frame withe a home blaster approx a month ago.  It is not as perfect as a commercially blasted frame , but alot better than wire brushing it,  there is still a little rust (mostly surface).  So I plan to use the degrease,  the rust blast, and rust seal. After I degrease and rinse off with water, can I use a propane torch to help dry it off between steps and then again after rinsing off the rust blast? Just to be certain there is no moisture present. I ask because the temperature here is cool, but I will have my shop heated while doing the coating process

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Yes, you can use a propane torch or a hair dryer to dry the surface quicker between steps. This is very common.

Please make sure the Tank Sealer application is done once the surface gets to room temperature (surface and ambient temperature of 55-82F).

Please check out the Tank Sealer Directions and let us know if you have any additional questions.

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