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Brushing on Blacktop Satin Black on frame and axles


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If I brush on the Blacktop satin black on my frame and axles will I need to thin out the mix, or could I go straight out of the can?  I have been a little bummed about reading a couple reviews on Summit Racing where I ordered the product today that two people said the paint looked blotchy and uneven after applying with a brush.  They mentioned the Rust Seal satin black looked much better.  Why would this happen?  I do not want to go through all this work an have a blotchy looking frame.  Please advise what I need to do in order to make this project turn out with great results.  I also did not order any thinner, can I use any paint thinner brand if I need to thin out the Blacktop.


Thank you.

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The key to brushing BlackTop is not overworking the brush. When brushing BlackTop, do not overwork the brush as this can cause the BlackTop to cure too quickly possibly leaving visible brush marks. It is best to brush an area with BlackTop and move on immediately versus brushing an area over and over again. If you brush over an area over and over again forcing the solvents out, you run the risk of the brush marks not flowing out as well they are designed to flow out.

If you want to, you can thin BlackTop 10% with KBS #1 Thinner to help the brush marks flow out.

Also, please make sure you stir the BlackTop really well prior to using. All of the matting agents in the paint tend to softly settle to the bottom of the can and they need to be thoroughly incorporated back in for an even finish.

Please be sure to check out the complete BlackTop Directions before starting your project and let us know if we can help you in any other way.

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