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Car top coat options


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Hi there, I have been very interested in your products and have just started a project car and looking in to my options for the prep/paint process.

As spraying/painting a car can cost several thousand, I was excited to know I could just paint these products on and actually use it as the final paint.

I read that the Rust Sealer is however not UV resistant enough to prevent the colour from changing with general exposure to the sun for cars.

From what I can see, the option is to apply the Maxx top coat as the Clear Coats are not fade Resistant enough. Problem is, the Maxx top coats need to be sprayed on. So that leaves me with the BlackTop product, is that right?

I was hoping to paint the car in the offwhite. Are there any other fade resistant top coats besides the BlackTop?



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The following is taken directly from our RustSeal Directions:

Please note that RustSeal is not intended for use as a final finish when used where the coated surface will be consistently exposed to sunlight. Repeated or prolonged exposure to direct UV light will cause cosmetic alteration to its color and sheen. RustSeal’s guaranteed rust protective properties, however, will not degrade.

In areas not exposed to direct UV light, like the underside of a car, RustSeal will seal as well as serve as a great looking final finish. To protect against unwanted cosmetic changes, topcoat RustSeal with any opaque paint system. Please note that a clear topcoat cannot provide the needed UV protection. Choose the closest color associated RustSeal primer to compliment your topcoat and protect against potential visible surface chips.

BlackTop and KBS MAXX are high performance protective coatings like RustSeal and are an ideal topcoat for all UV exposed parts. When BlackTop or KBS MAXX are used as a topcoat over RustSeal, they produce an incredibly tough and professional looking finish.

There are three effective ways to topcoat RustSeal (with BlackTop, KBS MAXX, or other top coat paints) effectively so that the coatings bond and fuse together. Please choose the one that works for your project.

1) Apply your top coat once the second or final coat of RustSeal is dry-to-the-touch and does not leave a fingerprint (usually 3-8 hours depending on temperature and humidity).

2) Let the second or final coat of RustSeal fully cure (at least 24 hours), scuff the RustSeal with 320 grit, then apply your top coat.

3) Let the second or final coat of RustSeal fully cure (at least 24 hours), dust the RustSeal with Fusion Self-Etching Primer, let the Fusion cure for 30 minutes, then apply your top coat.

While the KBS MAXX is designed to be sprayed, you can brush it out as well if you choose. We recommend doing a few test pieces first so you know exactly how the product will brush out. You can thin the KBS MAXX out some with MEK to help the brush marks flow out. You can buy some Arctic White and School Bus Yellow and mix the base components to get the color you desire before adding the activator.

Please let us know if that helps and if you have any additional questions.

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Thank you for the information.

Do you have any idea how much MEK I should be adding, I will buy some sample sizes and test/practice.


Also the body of the car was galvanized, do you see any issues with using the 3 step process?
 Will the RustBlast remove the gal coat? I dont mind if it does, just want to know prior and if there are any additional steps I should be aware of.




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5-10% MEK to start should be fine.

The KBS 3-Step System will work very well on a galvanized surface and is used all of the time for that application. Just follow the RustSeal Directions for application on your galvanized surface and you will be all set.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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