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Clear over paint


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The directions (in the FAQ) for this product state that DiamondFinish can be applied over any type of paint as long as it is completely cured.  First off, is this completely DRY or completely CURED?  I'm going to assume cured (since that's what it says) but I'm hoping that maybe sooner would be ok.  My concern is that some base coats ask for clear soon after drying - within like an hour or so. I also understand that this is a different product than most clears.


My other concern involves thinning.  I want to apply as thin as I can (thinned at 30%) because I get better results this way.  I'd rather spend more time applying more coats than try and put it on too heavy and correct mistakes later.  I plan on brushing for this application and will be applying to a base color coat.  Since the product is thinned with Xylene and the product itself likely has similar base properties, wouldn't brushing Diamond Finish on in this case smear the base coat and create a mess?  Xylene itself wiped/brushed onto base coat will ruin it.  I suppose I'm asking what to expect in my intended application.  I do not have a way or the desire to create an aerosol application with DiamondFinish :) Thanks for any guidance.  

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The coating that the DiamondFinish Clear is being applied to should be fully cured so the solvents in the DiamondFinish Clear do not "attack" the "base" coating. Always do a test area first, but as long as the base coat is completely cured, apply DiamondFinish Clear over it should not create a mess.

Please let us know if this helps and if you have additional questions.

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