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Coating Aluminum Sunglasses


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I have a pair of brushed aluminum sunglasses I would like to coat with DiamondFinish. The lens of the sunglasses are not removable. I would like to apply 3 coats. What would be the best method of masking the lens to have the least amount of trouble removing the mask. Spray then remove after an hour of flash time then remask for the next coat, or just spray all 3 coats and remove the mask after? Or should I spray the lens too as they are made of a Polycarbonate  plastic?


Also, after I finish spraying, can I use a green Scotchbrite pad to create a flat finish instead of gloss?



Dave F.

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Yes, to be on the safe side, you should spray DiamondFinish Clear and then remove after an hour of flash time and then remask for the next coat of DiamondFinish Clear.


If you can test the polycarbonate plastic first, this could be an option. DiamondFinish Clear usually sticks really well to plastics, but it is not 100% so always best to test first.


Most of our customers use steel wool to matte out the finish of the DiamondFinish Clear.


Be sure to check out the complete directions for DiamondFinish Clear HERE.

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