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off-white turned yellow


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Yes, RustSeal can yellow if exposed to sunlight which is why we always recommend a solid color top coat paint. Also, the resin in RustSeal is amber in color, so the Off-White RustSeal will be slightly amber. If you stir your can really well, you will pull all of the white pigments off of the bottom of the paint can and that will give you less of an amber color.


We have DiamondFinish Top Coat in white which you can use to go over the RustSeal and will provide a pure white cosmetic finish.


Please let us know if that helps and if you have any additional questions.


Thank you for choosing KBS Coatings!

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I guess I was more shocked at how quickly it turned yellow.  The paintbrush and stirring stick are still white.  But in one day, the rustseal on the truck turned yellow.   Fortunately, it's going to be covered over with Herculiner on that portion.   And the rest of the truck I will spray over with white autobody paint.     Still love your products!!!

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We are thrilled that you love our products.


We address what you describe in our RustSeal Directions:


Please note that RustSeal is not intended for use as a final finish. Repeated or prolonged exposure to direct UV light will cause cosmetic alteration to its color and sheen. RustSeal’s guaranteed rust protective properties, however, will not degrade. In areas not exposed to direct UV light, like the underside of a car, RustSeal will seal as well as serve as a great looking final finish. To protect against unwanted cosmetic changes, topcoat RustSeal with any opaque (solid color) paint system. Please note that a clear topcoat cannot provide the needed UV protection. Choose the closest color associated RustSeal primer to compliment your topcoat and protect against potential visible surface chips.


We appreciate your business and look forward to hearing from you again soon.

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