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Restoring 1974 Landrover Series 3 109


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I am currently restoring a 1974 Land Rover Series 3 and have a question about RustBlast in combination with RustSeal applied on aluminium.

First of all I allready treated the outside of my (steel) fuel tank with KBS Clean, RustBlast, 2 coats of RustSeal and one of coat of BlackTop and it works great, easy to apply and the result is superb.

And I will also do the chassis frame, leafsprings and axes (which are all steel) with the KBS system.


My Question is about the underside of the body parts of the car which are mostly made of aluminium.

All info I've read sofar about painting aluminium body parts of old Land Rovers, say that you first need to apply a self-etching primer to etch through the aluminium-oxide layer, before applying the final coating.


Now my options for the underside of the body parts are to have a self-etching primer applied and then a regular paint followed by some tectyl (or similar) treatment to prevent the underside of the car from all kinds of bad stuff OR (as I would prefer not to apply tectyl (or similar) stuff to the underside of the car) apply the KBS products system to the underside.


Also some of the aluminium body parts are reinforced with some galvanised steel stiffeners of which

I already removed all the rust from.

What would be the way to go ? first use the self etching primer, than Rustseal en maybe TopCoat for extra protection ? Or use RustBlast followed by RustSeal and maybe TopCoat ?


Do you advise on finishing the underside of the car anyway(chassis frame and other body parts) with some tectyl like stuff even after applying the complete KBS system ?


Kind regards from the Netherlands,


Bas Ruiter



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The RustBlast should be used on your aluminum underside to etch the aluminum creating a surface profile that is ideal for RustSeal adhesion.


So, with that said, we would suggest the KBS 3 Step System on the underside of your car because that will give you long lasting results.


Please let us know if you have additional questions.

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