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New car, winter climate, most important / practical areas to cover


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My Dad is getting a new car, and it's likely to be the last car he will have. We need the car to last for a while, and in our climate (snowy winters with road salting, rainy spring and autumns) that means corrosion protection.


The car will be a Ford Focus. I assume the underside of the car and the wheel wells will have some kind of factory-applied paint or coating. We would normally take the car to a corrosion protection shop, but their treatment is not cheap and only protects for about 2 years.


Would the three-product process finishing with RustSeal work well on the underside of a new car, which presumably has some factory-applied coating already? Which areas of the car are most suitable for a DYI application of KBS' products? How much of the RustClean, RustBlast and RustSeal would roughly be needed for a Ford Focus?


Thank you!

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