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Rusty tank

gary crompton

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Hello there,

I have a 1953 Famous James Superlux autocycle and the petrol tank was rusty.  I bought the KBS KIT and used the Aqua clean and then the rust blaster. I kept the inside of the tank moist by rotating it.  I put a few nuts and small chain in and shook it and rotated it as per utube. After an hour I drained and inspected tank and still spots of rust so I poured the rust blaster back in and repeated the process another two times. For a total of 5 hours. Still spots of rust in the tank where the zinc has not worked.I do not want to use the sealer over the rust.

Any suggestions appreciated


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The RustBlast is specifically formulated to etch the surface and neutralize any rust that is in there which properly prepares the surface for the Tank Sealer.


From what you are describing, the RustBlast has done exactly what it was designed to do.


If you to try to get rid of all of the rust completely, soak each side of the tank for 24 hours with full-strength RustBlast.


Please let us know if that helps and if you have any additional questions.


Thank you for choosing KBS Coatings.

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