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Gold Standard Tank Sealer adhesion to porcelain enamel.


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I have an 80 gallon Ruud brand electric water heater tank that I would like to repurpose and coat with KBS Tank Sealer. The interior of the tank is in good condition and has a Ruudglas (porcelain enamel) lining to inhibit water based corrosion.


Would using Aqua Klean and Rust Blast properly prepare the surface for the tank sealer?

Will the Gold Standard tank sealer adhere to the enamel tank lining?

Is there another product that would adhere to the enamel properly to provide protection against petroleum products?


I'm looking for anything that will provide me a way forward in repurposing the tank to hold gasoline, diesel  or oil.





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Because you have a porcelain lining, you would want to scuff that smooth surface with 300 grit to ensure good adhesion.


So, scuff the porcelain surface, clean it with KBS Klean, treat any exposed metal areas with RustBlast, and then apply the Tank Sealer to the entire inside of the tank.


The Tank Sealer is completely impervious to petroleum products.


Please let us know if that answers your question and if you have any additional questions.

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