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Ford Tank- Rust Blast stripped off OEM Coating


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I am in the middle of sealing a tank from a 2000 Ford E350. I used the KBS Clean, and then the Rust Blast. After treating the tank for 40 minutes with the Rust Blast, I drained it and washed it out. While draining, I noticed a lot of small, gummy grey flakes coming out of the tank. After I finished washing it and draining it, I shone a flashlight in the tank and realized that the OEM coating is flaking away. About 1/2 the tank is bare metal, and the other 1/2 still has coating. Is it ok to use the Gold Seal once it has dried, or ??? I also have a plastic baffle/sump in the center of the tank that can't be removed. Can I just coat over it?

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It is always best to strip out any previous coatings. Use KBS Strip for the most effective removal of an old failed coating. Pour some KBS Strip into tank and carefully rotate tank to allow contact with all sides. It may take multiple applications of KBS Strip to finish the job completely. Old Sealer may come loose in big chunks or small pieces so use a long tweezers-type tool to help remove it from the tank. After stripping is complete, rinse tank generously with water and proceed with the KBS 3-Step System for Fuel Tank Preparation & Sealing. After you have have stripped out the old coatings, you will want to do the entire KBS 3 Step Tank Sealing System. Because of all of the variable when it comes to plastics, we can not make a blanket recommendation when it comes to plastic tanks. But, because you are just coating a plastic baffle which will not be in constant contact with the fuel, you should be good. Please let us know if that helps and if you have additional questions.

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