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Motorcycle gas tank


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Hello, I'm doing a lot of research to find the best tank liner for my 91 Yamaha V-Max 1200. Your product seems to be the one of choice, but I might have a special situation. My bike's gas tank is not like conventional top tanks. It actually sits right under the rider’s seat. There is no petcock valve and the fuel pick up line is welded into the tank and it extends to its bottom. Also there is a vent line at the top that has a small orifice for the breather hose. Since preparation requires the handling of the tank, it is not an easy job to remove my tank from the bike. It requires jacking up the bike and removal of the back wheel, swing arm and other parts. Not a simple task. If I go through the time and trouble of removing all these parts to get to my tank, I only want to have to do this once. :-) Now, for my question: If my pickup line is physically inside the tank, capping off the end would not suffice. Coating would seal up the end of the pickup line inside the tank. What method would you suggest to make sure, not only the pick-up tube is clear, but the breather line also. Remember, the breather line has a tiny opening, similar to that of a water spray jet for cooling on hot days. Thanks a lot for your time Darren

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Darren, What we would suggest is to hook up an air line to your pickup line and breather line and force air through it during the sealing process so the lines do not get sealed shut with the Tank Sealer. This is a fairly common question and this always works for our customers. Check out the complete directions for the Tank Sealing Process HERE. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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