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Can Cavity Coater be Sprayed over WD-40??


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My 93 300ZX suffered from a bit of flooding. I got about 4 inches inside the car. I pulled the interior dried out as best as I can and pulled apart my wiring. I showered everything in WD-40. Every seem, rocker panels, inside doors, under body seems, removed and sprayed behind fenders and bumper. I wanted to add protection to these areas before re-assembly. Could Cavity coater be applied to these areas even though I have already put down a product like WD-40???

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If you applied a thin coat of WD-40 and the WD-40 has been on there long enough for the solvents to evaporate off, then you can absolutely use the Cavity Coater to treat all of those areas. With all of the recent flooding, using Cavity Coater is very common for this. Check out the directions for Cavity Coater HERE. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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