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What gives...paint turned green and rusting?!?


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Bought this stuff because I heard a lot of good about it and KBS had the color I wanted. I brushed two coats of the silver rustseal on my frame after following the proper steps. After that I sprayed three coats of the diamond clear on because it wasn't supposed to yellow or fade, this was back beginning of july. Now I have the whole backhalf of my truck an ugly green and its starting to rust everywhere from underneath. After a month it was already an olive green, now its 10x worse. This is ridiculous...what can be done and how am I going to get all this crap off my frame?

A couple weeks after it was done, nice shiny silver:




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We are very sorry for your confusion.

As you read in the directions, "To protect against unwanted cosmetic changes, topcoat RustSeal with any opaque paint system. Please note that a clear topcoat cannot provide the needed UV protection. Choose the closest color associated RustSeal primer to compliment your topcoat and protect against potential visible surface chips."

We would never recommend putting a Clear Coat over RustSeal because Clear Coats might be UV stable but they are not UV blockers.

You can use the KBS Strip to get back down to the metal.

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So the diamond clear is not to be used over rustseal? Damn that's a shame because it was shiny as hell. Well, I'm fine with having a silver with no clear. But, now my question is...why did it turn green in under a month and why is it rusting from underneath with two coats of rustseal?

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