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Entire truck?


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  At a recent car show I came a crossed your product and fell in love with it's versatility and easy of use. Over the last week or so I have been trying to study it as much as possible.

  I am perparing to restore a 79 Jeep J/10 and plan to use many of your products. I would like to know are the following.

 1.) Can I spray your RustBlast and RustSeal over the entire outside of the truck.

     I did read here on another forum page that RustBlast must be used before any NuMetal is applied to body panels.

 2.) I plan to apply 3 coats of the Gloss Black RustSeal, with proper curing times adhere'd to. Once that is done I would like to apply a stripe of Oxide Red. So my question is; If I mask off an area for the stripe and take proper percautions to protect the gloss black. Will it cover effectively over another color and is any additional prep needed?

 3.) How well does this product work with Fineline tape or masking tape?

 I do plan to apply at least 3 coats of your DiamondFinish to the entire outside of the truck once the painting is complete.


                        Thanks in advance for any answers I might recieve,


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You can do the KBS 3 Step System over the entire Jeep, then primer, then base coat and then a clear coat (such as our DiamondFinish Clear Coat). Is that what you would like to do?  We do not recommend clear coating directly over RustSeal because delamination can happen because DiamondFinish Clear is UV Stable, but like all other clear coats, it is not a UV blocker.

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