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Welding and Rust Seal question


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OK I understand to apply after welding but I found nothing detailing about welding after you have already applied. I also know the Rust Seal is thermal resistand to 600 degrees. I will be welding some floor pans in a vehicle and have U shaped supports for the floor pans. I plan on appling Rust Seal to the bottom on the U on the inside where I can't get to after welding. The U channel has two tabs approx 1/2 inch in width with another 1/2 inch going down then 2 inches across the bottom then goes back up 1/2 inch to the other tab. The tabs are where the spot welds will go. The metal is 1/32-1/16th of a inch thick with sheet metal for the floor pans. The Underseal Spray Gun & Probe is not a viable option for me in this area.

The question is how much Rust Seal coating will be damaged away from the location of the weld?

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