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Nu Metal and Rust Seal


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I'm planning to use Rust Seal and the Nu Metal to fill and seal the top window frame on my 81 corvette.  the metal is pitted but no holes.  Should I use the Nu Metal first or use the Rust Seal, then scuff and then use the Rust Seal. 

Also, I will be using the Top Coat, so I'm assuming that it should be last.  Will all of the products give me a water tight seal when I put the new winsheild back in?  Can I use the same type of seal for the window?  Will there be any chemical reaction between the window seal and the Top Coat, Rust Seal, or Nu Metal.

Any suggestions for the best results would be appreciated.


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It is always best to get the RustSeal down on the metal first and the do your filler work using the NuMetal over the RustSeal.

Prep the surface following the directions.  Apply 2 coats of RustSeal following the directions. Within 6 hours of this last coating curing, mix NuMetal Epoxy Putty as directed & apply to repaired areas for smoothing or other parts that need filling. When working with NuMetal, have a bowl of water nearby to dip your fingers into for smoothing out the putty. This will help eliminate or reduce the need for future sanding. NuMetal epoxy putty will cure in approx. 6-8 hours at 75F (24C). You may give the area a light sanding after curing, but be careful NOT to sand through the coating! Afterwards, wipe down the sanding dust from the surface with a clean cloth, and apply a final coat of RustSeal. This final coat must be applied to the repaired areas, but may also be applied over the entire project area if you choose. It will take up to 7 days for the KBS Coating system to reach its full hardness.

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