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sealing oil leak and nuts and bolts


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Not expecting anyone to know what I am speaking of so I will try and explain the best I can. On the Ford 7.3 diesel engine Ford did something stupid. They put a fixed cross member under the oil pan, so replacing it requires the engine to be pulled. My son bought a truck and I am getting it ready to head to ND where he is stationed in the USAF, so I want it good and sealed before it leaves. The way the dipstick tube is routed is it enters a flange that protrudes from inside the pan and a large nut on the outside of the pan compresses a O ring on the flange and seals the area, then the dipstick tube is pressed into the flange with a O ring on it to seal that connection. Well as O rings age this area starts to leak oil. I have replaced the O ring but after a few days it starts leaking again. International sells a kit that is nothing more than two tubes of sealant that you are suppose to cover the entire area and it is suppose to seal the leak. This is a bandaid at best. I was thinking of using the IH sealant and then covering it with the KBS Rust seal. Would it be better to leave the sealant off and just KBS it? The leak is very small, the shop that told me about your product said that the Rust Seal will seal it with no problems but I wanted to ask you first.

Another question that I had was if I cover nuts and bolts with the rust seal will this make removing them at a later date a problem? I just need to know before I start apllying it. I have the entire underside degreased and will be applying the etching component later today. Thanks so much for the help, hope you can understand my explanation above.


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It would be best to skip the sealer and just apply a minumum of 3 coats of RustSeal on the area to seal it up.  Just make sure you prep with AquaKlean and RustBlast before applying the RustSeal.

As for your nuts and bolts, you should be able to get them off even if coated with RustSeal.  Just get plenty of torque on it and it should come loose.

Check out the RustSeal Directions here: http://www.kbs-coatings.com/rustseal-directions.html

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