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Coating chrome wheels with BlackTop


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Since my questions have moved from ClearCoat to BlackTop, I'll continue the questions I had in the ClearCoat forum here.

Q1: I want the BlackTop to have maximum adhesion. What steps/products do you recommend to prepare the chrome surface before painting with BlackTop? Previously you mentioned sanding with 600-1200 sandpaper. How about cleaning the surface?

Previously you said to add Adhesion Promoter to the BlackTop - so I'll do that.

Q2: For the ClearCoat you said there was no problem with having Adhesion Promoter in coats after the first coat - is that also the case with BlackTop?

Q3: Given that I'm brushing the BlackTop on, should the first coat be light/medium/heavy? How about the second and third coats? How much time to wait between coats?

Q4: I calculate the area of the wheel barrels to be 12 sq ft. From what I read if I buy a quart of BlackTop and 4oz of Adhesion Promoter I should be able to do at least 2 coats, and maybe a thin 3rd coat. Is that correct?

Q5: I'm supposed to add 10% by volume of Adhesion Promoter, so for a quart of BlackTop that would be 3.2 oz of Adhesion Promoter. Is it OK to add the entire 4 oz of Adhesion Promoter - since I'll not have any use for that remaining 0.8 oz? Or should I only add 3.2 oz and throw the rest away?

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1) Scuff with 300 grit.  Clean with AquaKlean.  Etch with RustBlast. Apply 2 coats of RustSeal.  Apply BlackTop with Adhesion Promoter added to the first coat.

2) Yes, you can absolutely have Adhesion Promoter in subsequent coats.  Use it quickly and also allow additional time for curing as the Adhesion Promoter can slow down the curing process some.

3) Always use thin covering coats.  You can thin BlackTop with #1 Thinner 10% to help give the brush marks time to flow out.

4) Yes, that is correct.  Your numbers do look correct.

5) Since the 10% by volume is a guideline only, you can add the entire 4oz can or you can add the 3.2 ounces.

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Given that I've got 12 sq ft of roughened new chrome wheel barrel to paint - and the shiny chrome face of the wheel that I don't want to screw up, and a rubber tire I want to avoid harming...

Q1: At what rate should the AquaKlean be diluted? How much do I need to buy? How long should I leave it on the chrome? I'm not exactly sure what this means "For all alloys and non-ferrous metals, AquaKlean application times and dilution rates should be kept to a minimum due to the wide variations in these materials."

Q2: Do I need to protect the chrome face of the wheel (the part I'm not painting and that needs to continue to look nice and shiny) from getting any AquaKlean on it?

Q3: How much RustBlast do I need to buy? I'll be brushing it on.

Q4: How long should I leave the RustBlast on the chrome?

Q5: How important is it to keep RustBlast from getting onto the non-painted portion of the wheel - i.e. the shiny face that needs to stay shiny? This stuff looks to be about the consistency of water in the video - and I've got to keep the barrel wet with it - I'll be rotating the wheel and brushing it on - and I have visions of some of it running onto the shiny face of the wheel. Etching the face doesn't sound like a good idea.

Q6: I think I need 8 oz of RustSeal for 2 coats - is that right?

Q7: Which, if any, of these components do I need to ensure does NOT get onto the rubber tire?

Q8: Previously I thought I needed a quart of BlackTop - but the website says "8 oz. of BlackTop will cover 25 sq. ft. with two coats." So I can get by with 8 oz - right?

Q9: Based on reading your directions on the website this is what I have for recoating info. Is this OK?

RustSeal - 2 thin coats - avg cure time 2-4 hours - must apply 2nd coat within 6 hours of curing (dry to touch).

BlackTop - apply within 4 days of RustSeal - 2 thin coats - avg cure time 2-4 hours - apply 2nd coat after 1st coat is dry to touch and within 24 hours of 1st coat curing.

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1) You can find the recommend dilution rates on the AquaKlean Directions Page. For most chrome surfaces, you can leave the AquaKlean on there as long as you desire without adverse effects.

2) Yes, that would be best.  It should not affect a good solid chrome surface, but because we have no idea what you are working with, it would be best to limit contact.

3) We usually recommend that you purchase as much RustBlast as RustSeal.  Once you know how much RustSeal you need, purchase the same amount of AquaKlean and RustBlast.

4) After your chrome is scuffed, 30 minutes will do the trick as far as etching.

5) It depends on your chrome surface.  If you have a good solid chrome surface (that has not been scuffed), the RustBlast should not have any effect on that kind of chrome.

6) 8oz of RustSeal will do 12.5 square feet with 2 coats.

7) I would not put the RustSeal on your rubber tire.  Casual contact of the AquaKlean and RustBlast will be fine for your rubber tire.

8) You can order 8oz and that will do 25 square feet with 1 coat.

9) Yes, the information on our website is correct.

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When applying RustSeal or BlackTop during the summer in Ohio sometimes it is difficult to paint on a day when the temperature is below 82 and/or the humidity is below 60% for RustSeal and 70% for BlackTop.

In the evening the temperature goes down and the humidity goes up. From the middle of the day into the afternoon the humidity is at the low point and the temperature is at the high point.

Which is better for painting with RustSeal and BlackTop:

1. higher than desired temperature and acceptable humidity?

2. acceptable temperature and higher than desired humidity?

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I would always follow our recommendations for ideal results and ease of use.  You can apply RustSeal or BlackTop outside of our desired ranges for temperature and humidity, but give yourself some trials so you are comfortable using it outside of our ranges.  After your trials, you will know if #1 or #2 is better for you.

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