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Coating chrome wheels with DiamondFinish


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I'm thinking of sealing the barrels (unpolished inner diameter surface) of some chrome wheels. I want to do this to seal the relatively thin chrome coating in this area to protect it from brake dust and sitting water.

Here is a picture of the inner barrel of a chrome wheel - in case you are having trouble figuring out what part of the wheel I'm referring to:http://www.calchrome.com/images/ccw_comp_B_back_close.jpg

I have several questions for you:

Q1: The chrome finish in the barrel area is unpolished and already somewhat rough - but I'm thinking that some additional roughing will make the DiamondFinish adhere better. Will roughing up the chrome improve the adhesion of DiamondFinish?

Q2: What do you recommend for roughing up the chrome surface prior to applying DiamondFinish?

Q3: Does DiamondFinish adhere well to polished chrome? I might consider using it on the polished chrome areas as well - but I don't want to put it on and have it peel.

Q4: Is it OK to add Adhesion Promoter to the entire batch of DiamondFinish, even though the batch will be used for the 2nd and 3rd coats?

Q5: I'm going to use a foam brush to apply DiamondFinish. Is it necessary to wear a breathing filter during application? I'll be in an open area.

Q6: Do you have something in black that can be used on chrome and seals and protects like DiamondFinish does? If so, I might consider painting the barrels with black rather than clear.

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These are all great questions and here are your answers:

1) Yes, roughly up the chrome finish will provide a better surface profile for adhesion of the DiamondFinish Clear Coat.

2) 600-1200 grit would be great.

3) Yes, it sure does.

4) Yes, it will perform just fine.  The shelf life could decrease, so use it up quickly.

5) Wearing a breathing filter is always a great idea.

6) Yes, you can use BlackTop for the barrels.

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The description makes the ClearCoat sound almost indestructible - "DiamondFinish ClearCoat is able to withstand the harshest of chemicals including fuels, solvents, Battery acid, Brake fluid, Ethanol, Methanol, MEK, Hydrochloric Acid, Fertilizers, and Acetone."

The description of BlackTop doesn't seem to be quite as grand on the indestructibility scale.

Is BlackTop essentially ClearCoat with some black pigment added? Or is it something different?

In my situation painting over roughened chrome will BlackTop be essentially as tough as ClearCoat regarding adhesion to the chrome and wearability?

I think I prefer the black surface for the wheel barrels since it will show dirt and brake dust less - but I want something that once I put it on it doesn't come off - period. If that means I have to use the ClearCoat I'll do it - but I prefer black.

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BlackTop and DiamondFinish Clear are made from the same resins, so the indestructible factors of both products are virtually identical.  If you are still concerned about durability, you can always apply DiamondFinish Clear over the BlackTop.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.  We are here to help.


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