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Bubbling and foaming when pouring out of gas tank


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Hi there,

I have just emptied the gas tank of Gold Seal Gas Tank Sealer and was surprised to see the silver liquid began foaming and bubbling eventually overflowing the can.

I bought the system a year ago and have just got around to using it. I did the preparation 4 days ago and left the tank to dry for 3 days. A little fluid came out of the tank when I was checking it before applying the last stage and so I heated the tank internally by using a hot air blower as shown on the video. The tank did become quite hot and I rotated it to ensure all of the water was evaporated. The tank was left for an hour to cool down but it was a warm day here in Florida. Temperature when I inserted the sealer was bout 75F.

The overflowed sealant eventually collapsed and is curing quickly.

Just wondering how the sealant will turn out... 'b'Can I be sure that the sealant has worked?'/b' The tank was in reasonably good condition to start with - but I am undertaking a car restoration and wanted to make sure that the tank was clean and in as good a condition as possible.



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Yes, that is perfectly normal.  You have Gold Standard Tank Sealer that has been kicked off and now is being poured back in the can which can cause the Gold Standard Tank Sealer to bubble.  All you want that drained excess to do is to harden up in the can so you can dispose of it.

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Phew! That's a relief!

The residual sealant has now hardened and the can and contents are stuck to the bottom of the outer container that I put it in. The strength of the bond between the can and the outer container is prodigious and very reassuring!

Thanks for your very quick response.

Great product.

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Hi there,

Just looked inside the tank to see whether anything had changed and was surprised to see sheets of the lining material hanging down. It is a complete mess and needs to be redone. Getting the failed coating out is going to be a real problem.

Surface rust has formed behind the sheets and there appears to be little adhesion between the coating and the inside of the tank.

The treatment has failed catastrophically. I guess that something has gone wrong with the preparation. Please advise. At this rate it would have been cheaper to buy a new tank....


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PEELING (Flaking, Delamination)

A loss of adhesion or separation of the paint film from the tank surface.


Improper preparation of the substrate (cleaning & etching).

Inadequate drying of tank interior prior to applying sealer.

Too hot/humid atmospheric and/or tank surface conditions during application or curing.


Strip out Tank Sealer (Using KBS Strip). Repeat AquaKlean, RustBlast, and Gold Standard Tank Sealer steps.


Thoroughly clean and prepare all tank surfaces according to product recommendations.

Allow tank interior to dry completely before applying sealer.

Allow tank to reach normal room temperature before applying sealer.

Allow tank to dry slowly at room temperature.

Do not attempt to "speed up" the cure time by placing tank in direct sun or near heat source.

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After receiving a replacement kit - (thanks KBS), I followed the stripping instructions to the letter but the whole of the failedcoating was not removed. However, after repeating the washing process numerous times, I felt that the remianing sealant had adhered well enough to continue with the re-sealing process.

This time the sealant did not foam as it had doen originally and everything appeared to proceed as it should do.

Result : - one sealed tank... but lingering doubts that the sealant is 100% as it should be.. so making sure that I fit a good fuel filter !

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