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Solving puddle problems


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Finished up the process today but my tank was very difficult to get the sealer out of - the fill tube sticks into the tank about 2 inches and the outflow isn't at a low point (go figure...).  So, I went to Tap Plastics and purchased 6' of 1/2 acrylic tubing for a couple of bucks, cut it in half, put the tank on it's corner for about 10 minutes, and sucked the stuff out in about 6 rounds.  Of course you have to be careful not to let it get near your mouth - it'd probably put hair on your chest if you did, though.  

Was able to get 95% of the excess out this way and then rotated the tank around for the next few hours to spread the little that was left around. If you also bought a 1/4 or 3/8" tube, you could probably get the rest out.

Also, I had some vent contraption in my tank that wasn't removable - it had little flaps.  I tried to keep the sealer off but it was impossible so I used a giant swab (18" long drill bit with a paper towel wrapped around the end) dipped in acetone to clean the doors and hinges of the vent apparatus off afterwards.  Seems to have done the job.

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