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Bicycle frame inside rust


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I don't see this as a topic yet, so here goes.  I have a bike that apparently fell into the Atlantic ocean at some point (yes, it was an eBay "find").  The aluminum seatpost was stuck fast in the steel frame, for starters.  I did get that out and have used a variety of stones, brushes and abrasives to clean that tube out.  BUT - there are many other "blind" tubes that I am sure are rusted - most have small access holes where they are welded to larger tubes, or VERY small drain holes at their far end (1/8" or so).

Do you have a suggested variety of products and methods to address stopping, cleaning and preventing further rust in such an application?  I see your "underseal spray gun and probe" kit, but I think the tube is probably too big (and not flexible enough) for this job.  I am thinking of some water-thin products that I could pour or pump in (filling up the tube) and then drain back out - I don't know how else I could insure contact with the full diameter and depth of the tubes.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!  ~Dan

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You could absolutely seal the inside of your posts and bike frame tubes like you would seal the inside of a tank.  Plug the holes and do the AquaKlean and RustBlast steps as suggested in the tank sealer directions found here: http://www.kbs-coatings.com/tank-sealer-directions.html

Then seal the inside of the tube frame with the Gold Standard Tank Sealer.  Again, you can follow the directions found here: http://www.kbs-coatings.com/tank-sealer-directions.html.

Remember to let the Gold Standard Tank Sealer cure for 96 hours to reach maximum cure.

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Thanks - sounds good, EXCEPT the Gold Standard Tank Sealer looks way too thick to pour down a straw and into the bike tubes.  I am basing this on the photos - the Aqua Clean and Rust Blast look to be water-thin and useable in this application.

I am wondering if the Rust Seal would work just as well if it were thinned with KBS #1 Thinner?  Can Tank Sealer be thinned as well?  Can either be thinned to water consistency?  The bike tubes are small and hard to get to, so a very thin liquid is called for, or possibly an aerosol with a long straw would be ideal.

You have a very complete website and the reviews I have read all look great!  ~Dan

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I would suggest using the Gold Standard Tank Sealer as the Gold Standard Tank Sealer is designed to be rolled around on the inside of a surface.  The Gold Standard Tank Sealer should be thin enough to work effectively on the inside of your bike frame, but if you so desire, you can think the Gold Standard Tank Sealer 10% (9 parts Tank Sealer to 1 part thinner) with the KBS #1 Thinner.

RustSeal is designed to be painted or sprayed.

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