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Marine aluminum diesel tank repair


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I have a 60 gallon custom aluminum diesel tank which was made for me in 2000. It has begun to leak in an area which can't be accessed or seen from the outside. There are no signs of external corrosion, so I am assuming a weld issue. If I can locate the leak through the tank's top clean out covers, and it seems to be repairable by coating, can I apply your system by brush or spray without removing the tank?

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Yes. As long as you can brush or spray the Tank Sealer (after completing the AquaKlean (http://www.kbs-coatings.com/aquaklean.html)and RustBlast (http://www.kbs-coatings.com/rustblast.html) steps)on the entire inside of the tank, I do not see any reason why this would not work for you.

=========== Gold Standard Tank Sealer DIRECTIONS ===============


=========== KBS Gold Standard Tank Sealer INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS ==========


=========== Tank Sealer FLOW CHART =====================


=========== Tank Sealer HOW-TO SECTION =====================


=========== Tank Sealer FIX-IT GUIDE ==============


(Always a great idea to familiarize yourself with it)

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Good! I believe that I would use a paint roller also, with the brush to get inside corners. What size kit would you estimate if all the steps are applied as coatings? The tank is about 24" by 60" by 18" with one internal baffle. Say 50 square feet of inside surface.

Thanks Again

Don Wogaman

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