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2 waxy rust spots.


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Hi: just got the motorcycle tank kit and followed the directions to the letter. My question is: when I look into the tank I see 2 bad rust spots that don't seem to dry. They appear waxy almost. The rest of the interior of the tank looks super, almost galvanized! I should note that I soldered the bad rust holes from the outside of the tank before I proceed with the cleaning. I supose it is possible that the waxy spots I see are residual flux from the soldering process. I dried the interior of the tank wit forced air cool and heated for about 6 hours and I assure you it is dry. How should I proceed with the spots. I'm ready to seal the tank but don't want a coating failure at this point in the project. Help

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I worry that the sealer would not adhere properly to those areas. I would recommend some more cleaner & etch, and a strong solution 1:1 of the cleaner with hot water and a GOOD long soaking of that area. Any manual scrubbing of the area would definitely help. Then rinse and etch as normal before sealing. That flux can indeed be tough to remove.

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