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Motorcycle tank kit


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I recently order a motorcycle tank kit. I cleaned the tank out with the Aqua clean and let dry. This actually did a good job and a lot of loose rust was washed out leaving quite a bit of bare metal visible.

I then used the rust blast for about 30 minutes. I rinsed it as thouroughly as possibly and let it dry. A rust like coating formed over most of the surfaces even the ones that were clean after the Aqua clean. Some of this can be rubbed off.

How should I proceed before using the rust seal?


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Here is a link to the instructions: http://www.kbs-coatings.com/RustSeal-Information-and-Instructions_ep_38-1.html

It is not necessary to remove every last bit of rust before applying RustSeal. RustSeal is very capable of bonding to & permanently sealing any remaining flash rust or corrosion. After treatment with RustBlast, a slight white powder residue may appear. This is a zinc phosphate coating advantageous for RustSeal adhesion. Items treated with RustBlast can remain uncoated for up to 30 days depending on environmental conditions.

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