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propylene glycol and trisodium phosphate in water tank application


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We are very interested in your product and have a quick question for you. We are wanting to use your tank sealer to seal the inside of small water heater tanks to inhibit any rust. The tanks will not be used to heat water but will be used as a charge tank to fill solar water heating loops with distilled water and a 40-60% food grade propylene glycol solution. Before filling the system we will use the charge tank to flush the solar loop with a 2% trisodium phosphate solution (TSP found at Lowe’s for cleaning bricks etc.).

Our question is will your tank sealer work with the above mentioned solutions of: propylene glycol and trisodium phosphate?

The tanks would be used only for a couple of hours and flushed with water and stored.

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That should be no problem.

But as always make sure the RustSeal is fully cured before coming in contact with any chemicals.

You can find complete instructions for the Gold Standard Gas Tank Sealer here: http://www.kbs-coatings.com/Gold-Standard-Tank-Sealer-Information-Instructions_ep_39-1.html

You can also find Instructional Videos here: http://www.kbs-coatings.com/KBS-Videos_ep_90-1.html

You can also find Tank Sealer Flow Charts here: http://www.kbs-coatings.com/Flow-Chart--Tank-Sealer_ep_88-1.html

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