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KBS Fusion FPP Flexible Plastics Primer Provides a Tight Bond

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KBS Fusion FPP Flexible Plastics Primer Provides a Tight Bond

Painting flexible plastics, like bumper covers, can be hard. Flexible plastic is smooth and non-porous, so there’s little surface texture for topcoat paint to grab onto. Which can result in the paint cracking, chipping, and peeling.


This where KBS Coatings Fusion FPP - Flexible Plastics Primer comes in. Fusion Flexible Plastics Primer is formulated to bond to flexible plastics and provide a high grip surface for topcoats to cling to. It builds a strong yet flexible base coat that moves with the surface, and ties topcoats to the plastic for a high quality and long-lasting result.


With Fusion Flexible Plastics Primer preparing the surface for topcoats can be done quickly. It applies easily, dries fast, and builds film thickness rapidly; a single light coat is usually all it takes. When needed, additional coats can be applied to hide small surface imperfections.


Fusion Flexible Plastics Primer can be block sanded after drying for 30 minutes and top coated after one hour. The gray colored aerosol primer is ideal for promoting adhesion of most varieties of topcoats with flexible surfaces including plastic, urethane, wood, fiberglass, and carbon fiber.


Painting flexible plastics can be hard, but KBS Coatings Fusion Flexible Plastics Primer makes it easy.


For more information, go to HERE.

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